JBR Engineering Research Limited is an engineering consultancy based in Bristol, operated by John Whittington MEng. The above points and details below are a key selection of the broad services I can provide. Examples are mostly taken from my personal projects, as client projects can rarely be disclosed in any detail. Links follow through to my project blog. Please contact me if you would like to talk.

Product Development

An avid maker through out my life, I've grown up designing and fabricating. The skills and knowledge I've picked up from this and my degree enable me to offer comprehensive product development support. From concept to product, I have experience bringing a design to life. My approach to an idea is methodical, with prototype testing creating a smooth, iterative design path. My hands on engineering skills are what enable me to do this, working with various materials including wood, plastics, metal and electronics, as the sections below highlight.

MATLAB and Simulink

An expert in Mathwork's MATLAB and Simulink suite, I have used it to design tools ranging from image processing to vehicle autonomy. Problems can be simulated and solutions modelled for concept development or research. Using Simulink, I can create complex control systems, which can be brought onto hardware using Embedded Coder. I can create drivers for your hardware that can be used to develop routines with MATLAB or Simulink for development/testing. Finally, once the product is ready for production, I can build test routines that can be used at each stage of assembly to ensure faulty units gets caught early.

Embedded Systems

From simple Arduino/Atmel AVR and Raspberry Pi projects to the ARM Cortex series, I can advise on, and incorporate embedded systems into a design. I can offer operating system development (RTOS), to drive the microcontroller and allow interfacing with the outside world. The RTOS can be designed to accept code generated from Simulink Embedded Coder, allowing hardware in loop testing and development of control systems.


With a masters in Mechanical Engineering, I have the knowledge and skillset for mechanical design with an understanding of physical systems (fluids, solids, gases). Mechanical engineering is often entwined with electronics and as such, I have chosen to specialise in the combination of the two; mechatronics. It allows me to consult on mechanical design and incorporate the electronic control that will bring the project to life.


Languages I can develop and provide support:

  • C, C++
  • Python
  • Javascript, node.js, MongoDB

And a quick to pick up others! I can also provide IT support with more than 15 years of experience on Windows, Mac and Linux systems; software, networking and hardware.